Firstly, Thank you for the nice posting on Facebook today. I am very pleased by a chance encounter we as a family chose to use your funeral services for my late grandfather and didn’t go elsewhere. This is the first time I’ve had to deal with death and being very close to my grandfather this was a total shock, it’s all been very quick but when one’s time is up we have to go.

In my mind I was a little hesitant to see my grandfather in the chapel of rest, this is something I have never done before but on reflection this was a necessary part of me saying my final farewell in person and to aid my grieving process. I felt very much at peace coming in, to be able to morn further and have space and time with my grandfather for the last time. I feel he is still with us in spirit and has not gone far.

My grandmother said on the way home she was really pleased the way things were handled and so was I. It’s hard to put it into words. He was in the clothes we provided and with his sweets in his pocket, he looked at peace and at home there in safe loving hands of Kintons. I liked the way Darlene, you touched his hands when I walked in, it made it easier for me to hold his hands after you left and kiss him my final goodbye.

The funeral was really well coordinated. I was especially moved by Inez who was walking down from the church to the road with my grandmother comforting her, this was done in a really gentle, caring and dignified manner, just what she needed at the right time.

If I could have asked for a perfect funeral this would be it, could not have asked for better or done it differently, my grandfather would have said ‘just right’, really nice personal touches from the whole team.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends should they lose a loved one to arrange their funeral, very satisfied from start to finish especially from my experience of Kinton & Daughter Funeral Directors. Thank you for making everything run as smoothly and comforting as possible.

With very best wishes, Mark Crossley (Grandson of Bobby Murray).