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At Kinton & Daughter Funeral Services Ltd, we understand that organising a funeral can be a stressful process for the family of the bereaved. Serving clients throughout Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, and Derby, we provide bespoke funeral services and packages to suit your wishes, beliefs, and values. Get in touch today for further information.

Burial or Cremation

The first major decision you need to make is whether your loved one will be buried or cremated. Your decision will influence a great deal of your funeral planning. Often, people express a preference for either burial or cremation before they die, either in conversation or in their will. If you are unsure, we can explain all the options to you and guide you through your decision.

There are many options available for both burial and cremation and we will take care of all the legal aspects and paperwork relating to the crematorium or cemetery of your choice. There are many crematoriums to choose from in the local area and further afield in the Midlands, including:

Funeral Services - Burial or Cremation

  • Trent Valley Crematorium

  • Bretby

  • Markeaton

  • Bramcote

  • Loughborough

  • Wilford Hill

  • Mansfield

  • Gilroes Leicester

  • Sherwood Forest

  • Grantham

  • Stafford

For burials, we can provide a traditional church service, a graveside service, or a crematorium service, followed by interment in a churchyard, crematorium, burial ground, parish churchyard, or private grounds.

Traditional Service

What one family regards as traditional can vary greatly with others. The definition of a traditional funeral has changed over the years, and some traditions have endured for centuries. We can offer a traditional funeral, adhering to the customs you are used to and honouring various religious wishes. This will generally follow an established etiquette for each ceremonial stage of the funeral.

Our traditional services may include:

Funeral Services - Traditional Service

  • Formal Procession

  • Paging in Front of the Hearse

  • Family Pallbearers

  • An Officiating Minister

  • Readings and Prayers

You may want to hold a formal service at a local parish church, before or after attending the cemetery or crematorium for committal or hold the full service at the cemetery or crematorium chapel. This introduction provides an overview of what you may wish to include in your funeral but can be adapted depending on your religious values or beliefs.

Whatever type of funeral you choose to have, whether it is a wholly traditional funeral, or part traditional with alternative themes, we aim to make it personal to you and unique for your loved one.


Over time, people’s perceptions of funerals are changed. Research shows that “alternative” funerals are increasingly popular and people are favouring a more personalised ceremony over the traditional liturgies. The trend is shifting to a celebration of life rather than mourning for the dead.

Our experienced team provide a wide range of services to suit your needs, from woodland burials to cremations with secular services. Offering advice as and when it’s needed, we give you the guidance you need to make informed choices. We don’t want you to feel rushed and you don’t have to make final decisions at the initial meeting. Remember it’s OK to change your mind, never have any regrets that you didn’t ask if something was possible.

Religious Funeral Service

If your loved one and their family belong to a particular faith or is a member of a church or other religious group, then it is usual for the funeral service to be conducted by a religious minister or faith leader, according to their traditions. We can contact the relevant minister or chaplain on your behalf or recommend an alternative if required.

Please be assured that even if a person wasn’t a regular churchgoer or has lapsed in their church attendance, you are still afforded a religious service at the end of your life. It’s important to reflect the values and beliefs of your loved one and honour any religious or family traditions, including eulogy reading, poetry, and music.

Humanist or Celebrant Services

Depending on your beliefs and values, you may prefer a part-religious or non-religious (secular) alternative. As an experienced funeral celebrant, Darlene will help you create a relevant and inspirational funeral ceremony. We will help you create a meaningful ceremony that focuses on celebrating the life that has been lived, providing an opportunity to say goodbye in a way in keeping with your wishes.

If you decide that you would like Darlene to create and conduct the service, you can be confident in knowing that you will receive the very best personal attention and will be looked after by the business owner, from the first point of contact to the end of your funeral service. However, we respect your choices and understand if you want someone else, whether a family member or friend or another celebrant to conduct the service.

Funeral Vehicles

If you’re looking for something different from the traditional funeral cortege, with a black motor hearse and limousines following, then we’ve got you covered. Our extensive range of funeral vehicles includes:

Funeral Services - Funeral Vehicles

  • Motorcycle Hearse

  • Vintage Lorry

  • Land Rover Hearse

  • VW Campervan Hearse

  • White Hearse

  • Morris Minor

  • JCB

  • Horse-Drawn Victorian-Style Hearses (Black or White)

Floral Tributes

Working with several local florists, we can order flowers for you. We will ask you and your family during our initial consultation if you would like us to take care of this for you and leave you time to concentrate on other things. However, it’s also fine for you to organise or make your own floral tributes.

Donations to Charity (in lieu of Flowers)

We accept charitable donations in lieu of flowers for your loved one. We open a donations file and administrate the collection of donations sent or given to us in memory of your loved one. The donations file will be kept open for one month after the funeral day.

Once the file is closed, we will send all money received to the chosen charity. We will also send the family of your loved one a list of donations received and an official receipt from the charity. This service is also available online through

Death Announcements and Informing Family and Friends

Obituary Notices

We can help with compiling obituary notices and getting them published in a newspaper of your choice. Some newspapers may dictate the length, format, and style of announcements, but our experienced team will take care of this for you, providing advice and cost quotes for your convenience.

The following information will help you decide what to include:

Funeral Services - Obituary Notices

  • Surname (This Usually Appears First) and Forenames of your loved one

  • Time and Date of Death

  • How They Died (e.g., Peacefully, After a Long Illness, etc.)

  • Where They Died (e.g., At Home, in Hospital, in a Nursing Home, etc.)

  • Age

  • Husband/Wife’s Name and Other Relationships (Children, Grandchildren, Siblings)

  • Funeral Date and Time

  • If Funeral Flowers Are Required (Family Flowers Only or No Flowers by Request)

  • Details about Donations

Please note, it’s also perfectly acceptable to put your funeral director’s details at the end of the announcement and essential if they are handling any donations or accepting floral tributes.

After the Funeral

We can also place a message in the newspaper to thank those who attended and sent flowers or donations. We also hold a memorial service at the end of each year locally, where you and your family will be invited to attend if you wish. This can also be an opportunity for those who were unable to attend the funeral service to pay their respect.

Once the funeral is over, there may still be some things you will need to organise. We will call you a few days after the funeral to see if there is anything else we can help you with.

Address Book Service

When someone dies, even if you were very close to them, you may not know all of their friends and acquaintances. Keeping everyone informed and making sure you don’t miss anyone out, we can offer to take the address book of your loved one and contact everyone in there for you.

Orders of Services

You might want to produce booklets or leaflets detailing the order of service. Many people also like to keep the service sheets after the funeral service as a keepsake or send them to those who were not able to attend. Some find it comforting to do this themselves.

Order of Service sheets can also include a few words about your loved one, a photograph of them or an image of something of significance to them. It can have the words of poems, hymns or just be photographs and messages of thanks.

These can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, and we have a range of examples that we can show you. For more complex orders, we work closely with the printers at Gateway. We also offer a wide array of other products, including:

Funeral Services - Orders of Services

  • Attendance Cards

  • Memorial Cards

  • Bookmarks

  • Thank You Cards

  • Memory Boxes

  • Memorial and Condolence Book

  • Memorial Portraits

  • Flower Seeds

Name Taking Services

At the funeral service, we can take a list of names of those who attended and let you have this list afterwards.

Preparation of your loved one and Viewing

The preparation of your loved one for the funeral is included in our professional fee. There is no extra charge for the embalming of your loved one where we deem this to be necessary. We will do all we can to ensure your loved one is presented in the best possible light. Wherever possible, our policy is to have your loved one cared for by a professional of the same gender.

We will discuss with you how you wish your loved one to be dressed. We have a selection of funeral gowns available or, if you prefer, we invite you to bring your loved one’s own clothes in which to have them dressed.

Your loved one will be prepared for viewing, irrespective of any family member attending the Chapel of Rest or not. From experience we know that people do change their minds about viewing, so a decision taken at the arrangement meeting about not viewing does not have to be final.

We do ask, where possible that you call us in advance when you wish to view in the Chapel of Rest. However, we know this isn’t always possible and we will always make sure you can view your loved one even if you just turn up at our premises.

Under most circumstances, your loved one will be available to view up to the day of the funeral and we don’t restrict the number of times you can see them or make any additional charges for this.

Make-up and Hairdressing Services

Some of our families request the services of a hairdresser and or make-up professional. We are pleased to be able to offer this service ourselves. We ask the family to provide recent photographs of your loved one which show the hairstyle and how your loved one liked their make-up to look.

We also ask for your loved one's own make-up for us to work with to ensure the type and colours used are in keeping with how your loved one looked.

Coffins and Caskets

We offer a large range of coffins and caskets, as well as supplying high-quality headstones. Our coffins and caskets are available in a wide range of materials, including:

Funeral Services - Coffins and Caskets

  • Natural Wood Veneered Chipboard

  • Natural Wood Veneered MDF

  • Solid Oak and Mahogany

The coffins are all fitted with handles that are suitable for cremation and burial, except for the solid oak and solid mahogany options, which are fitted with solid brass handles and are suitable for burial only. In addition to this standard range of coffins, we can source a variety of specialist caskets in solid wood and metal.

We also offer a range of eco-friendly green coffins in many variations. We can supply picture coffins in cardboard or wood, as well as wicker, willow, bamboo and seagrass. Get in touch today to enquire about our full range of options.

Ashes Containers and Keepsakes

Ashes Boxes

Ashes boxes or caskets are often used to inter cremated remains in a cemetery or churchyard plot but can also be retained in the home – either on a permanent basis or where the remains are to be interred somewhere at a later date.

For burials, the nameplate is printed with your loved one's name, date of death and age. You can also include a personalised message or a photograph. We can also print an image or logo if you prefer.

Heart in Diamond

Create individual diamonds as a lasting bond and tribute to your loved one. Carbon extracted from the hair or ashes of your loved one are added to a diamond growing foundation under strictly controlled conditions. This grows into a unique diamond that is linked to your loved one at its very core.

We are certified re-sellers of Heart in Diamond. To obtain further details, please visit

Other Containers

As an alternative to ashes boxes, we have a wide variety of containers for transportation, temporary storage, or scattering. These can also be personalised if required. Other options include:

Funeral Services - Other Containers -1

  • Metal Urns

  • Woven Urns

  • Bio-Box

  • Scatter Tubes

We also offer products that are designed to hold only a small portion of the remains as keepsakes, including:

Funeral Services - Other Containers -2

  • Marbled Copper

  • Solid Brass

  • Keepsake Urns

  • Keepsake Jewellery

  • Memory Bear

  • Companion Urns

  • Keepsake Companion

Ashes into Memorial Glass

Memorial glass is made by fusing a small quantity of cremated remains with coloured and clear glass. To make the rings and pendants, the glass is toughened, cut and polished to form a crystal. All items can be engraved. Memorial glass items include:

Funeral Services - Ashes into Memorial Glass

  • Paperweights

  • Rings (Silver and Gold)

  • Pendant (Silver and 7-Carat Gold)

Natural Burial Grounds

What’s more, we will be pleased to arrange a burial for your loved one at any of the following natural burial grounds:

Funeral Services - Natural Burial Grounds

  • Scraptoft

  • Prestwold

  • Tithe Green

  • The Willows at South Croxton, near Queniborough

  • Golden Valley Woodland Burial Ground, Alfreton, South Lincolnshire

  • Natural Burial Ground, Boston, Lincolnshire

  • Dale Hill Natural Burial ground

There are also some woodland burial areas incorporated in local cemeteries within the East Midlands area. Click on the links for further details on natural burials in Leicestershire:

SAIF Code of Practice

As proud members of the Society of Allied Independent Funeral Directors, we agree to abide by their code of practice. For more information about this, visit the SAIF website for details about the advantages of choosing funeral directors you can trust.

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Compassionate Funeral Services

Our funeral services and packages will take the stress out of organising a funeral for your loved one.